I am going to be sharing with you a series of my musings, frustrations and what are now clear grievances with Facebook today and all this week. I hope you take the time to read this series and to share it far and wide; and if anyone at Facebook reads any of the articles in this series, please know that I just want a real, live human being to assist me in resolving my issues. My core issue remains: I have been flagged incorrectly for ‘Limited Originality’ on not only my previous pages, but on new pages I have created having spent nearly $3000 of my own ad money with my own 100% original content and footage.

For previous pages, I have made the altering changes to meet this policy of ‘Limited Originality’ in the types of videos I create in being meaningfully enhanced and adding unique value, but for the purposes of this series, I will be focusing solely on the future and not the past. I even created my own company to expand on my online ventures with Facebook with the plan of opening up a physical office; but despite 6+ months of efforts trying to simply acquire assistance including spending nearly $2000 on LinkedIn ads to reach someone at Facebook, I have received zero assistance. When filling out any of Facebook’s online forms, I have been given generic replies to “appeal” with a form that no longer works. At my peak, my pages reached over 13 million people every 28-days. I am good at what I do and I love what I do. It’s my passion. It had become my career. Since January, I haven’t been able to reach anyone to resolve this issue so that I can continue doing what I love in the manner that follows all of Facebook’s policies ranging from Content, Partner, and Community Standards policies. I make my own unique content creations – but alas, contacting a live human at Facebook has been an adventure into the wormhole of Alice in Wonderland. Also, having my account restricted because I shared a historical photo of Trump’s insurrection seemed to be arbitrary and wrong as you can see here:

A post removed by Facebook despite it being a historical representation of the 1/6 failed insurrection

I hope that someone at Facebook reaches out to me after reading this. I have given my heart & soul to this – I want to continue my passion and expand.

My final point in this opening salvo of mine: I am very appreciative that Facebook has given me the platform to reach millions of people on a regular basis doing what I love. I moved away from just news pages to a broad array of subjects such as my other passions which include science and space; but I am convinced that there is a technical issue with Facebook AI falsely flagging all my content for ‘Limited Originality’. For example, I made a page for my cat, Facebook.com/CyrusMeowGreat. It is a small page with a little over 100 followers in which I had previously uploaded two short clips that I recorded from my cell phone, and this page somehow also gets flagged. I suspect that because I have 70 pages (active and inactive) that there are some issues on the backend which Facebook has been unable to diagnose.

Thank you,

Sassan K. Darian


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