Being a Facebook Creator has been the joy of my life & has allowed me to spend more time with my daughter. Starting towards the end of 2020, you tightened up on ‘Limited Originality’. I was told I could appeal again after 90-days so I spent 3-4 months learning how to make my own unique video creations that ‘meaningfully enhance’ content & adds ‘value’. I believe the types of videos that I create now fit into the text of the ‘Limited Originality’ policy, and if it doesn’t, I want to be told that directly so that I could make those types of self-produced video creations in order to continue my career dedicated solely as a Facebook Creator.

Example of the types of video creations I create:

Here is a list of all my Facebook pages that have been previously monetized or have been flagged incorrectly and have not been monetized: (my personal Facebook page)

Please guide me towards the right path. I have not been able to contact the appeals team directly. I have not been able to have a human soul answer my questions as to whether or not these videos abide by your policy per the wording of ‘Limited Originality’:

P.S. here is a picture of my daughter Artemiz with POTUS back in March 2020 just prior to the Coronavirus lockdowns

Thank you for your time. I hope I can be guided towards the right direction so that I can continue to do what I love. I have had no income since January & have not been able to get meaningful assistance as this remains on all my various pages no matter what:

Thank you again for your time.


Sassan K. Darian

949.812.0067 – – & other pages

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